The Worcester Jazz Collective is an award winning group that explores jazz and its many forms. The group’s repertoire spans the genre of jazz from traditional to contemporary along with a mix of popular and classical music. The WJC was formed in 2014 and since its creation, it has been a showcase for the many wonderful musicians that make up the Worcester jazz scene.

Musicians that have performed with The Worcester Jazz Collective include:

Tom Lubelczyk (Bass/Baritone Guitar); Tom Spears (Drums); Geoff Oehling (Bass); Brian Koning (Trumpet); Marcus Washington (Sax); Eli Mateo (Percussion); Joe Mazzarella (Piano), Carlos Odria (Guitar); Ian Gendreau (Drums); Noah LaPierre (Piano/Vibraphone/Drums); Michael Chasse (Guitar/Clarinet); Mark Jodice (Guitar); Dan Gabel (Trombone/Trumpet); Kelly Roberge (Sax); Eric Clough (Bass); Michael Carey (Sax); Joe Robillard (Drums); Martin Gohary (Piano); Josh McDonald (Trumpet); Lester Ang (Sax); Tom Herbert (Sax); Pete Levesque (Sax); Bob Zabelski (Alto Flute); Mark Holloway (Sax); Todd Brunel (Clarinet); Cait Sargent (Vocals); Stephanie Rogers (Vocals); Cara Brindisi(vocals); Lydia Fortune (Vocals); Joan Cleary (Vocals); Fernanda Pereira (Vocals); Greta Koning (Vocals); Scott Lyman (Piano); Jimmy Morrell (Guitar); Riley Stockwell (Guitar); Al Vaudreuil (Guitar); Israel Saldana (Guitar); Derek Bergstrom (Guitar); Jake Fletcher (Bass); Zdenek Kansky (Bass); Evan MacLeod (Bass); Tim Hetu (Drums); Bill Connor (Drums); Al Narwocki (Drums); Tim Lee (Drums); Renato Malavasi (Drums); Anthony Albano (Drums); Herdi Xha (Drums); Yuri The Furry (Percussion); Fernando Perez (Percussion); Jeff Cannon (Poet)