The Worcester Jazz Collective is an award winning group that explores jazz and its many forms. The WJC is built around the core of baritone guitarist Tom Lubelczyk, bassist Geoff Oehling, and drummer Tom Spears, with a range of guest musicians at each performance. The group’s repertoire spans the genre of jazz from traditional to contemporary along with a mix of popular and classical music. The WJC was formed in 2014 and since its creation, it has been a showcase for the many wonderful musicians that make up the Worcester jazz scene.

Musicians that have performed with The Worcester Jazz Collective include:

Tom Lubelczyk (Bass/Baritone Guitar); Geoff Oehling (Bass); Tom Spears (Drums); Brian Koning (Trumpet); Noah LaPierre (Piano/Vibraphone/Drums); Marcus Washington (Sax); Eli Mateo (Percussion); Carlos Odria (Guitar); Ian Gendreau (Drums); Michael Chasse (Guitar/Clarinet); Gabel (Trombone/Trumpet); Kelly Roberge (Sax); Joe Robillard (Drums); Martin Gohary (Piano); Josh McDonald (Trumpet); Lester Ang (Sax); Tom Herbert (Sax); Pete Levesque (Sax); Bob Zabelski (Alto Flute); Mark Holloway (Sax); Todd Brunel (Clarinet); Cara Brindisi(vocals); Lydia Fortune (Vocals); Joan Cleary (Vocals); Fernanda Pereira (Vocals); Scott Lyman (Piano); Jimmy Morrell (Guitar); Riley Stockwell (Guitar); Al Vaudreuil (Guitar); Israel Saldana (Guitar); Derek Bergstrom (Guitar); Jake Fletcher (Bass); Zdenek Kansky (Bass); Evan MacLeod (Bass); Tim Hetu (Drums); Bill Connor (Drums); Al Narwocki (Drums); Tim Lee (Drums); Renato Malavasi (Drums); Anthony Albano (Drums); Herdi Xha (Drums); Yuri The Furry (Percussion); Fernando Perez (Percussion); Jeff Cannon (Poet)